December 2016

This month I attended my very first writer's event. The SCBWI Christmas party.

Of course, I was late. I missed the New Members Get-together and when I entered the room full of members, everyone was neatly seated and listening to the MC run through the agenda. They all looked like they were life-long besties and proper-job writers.

What the hell was I doing there?

But right away, a smiling stranger waved me over to sit beside her. And that was it. I had a brilliant and inspiring time listening to an editor from a big publishing house and to a couple of illustrators. I spoke to friendly authors who didn't at all seem to mind hanging out with an aspiring wannabe.

And then there were the miniature smoked salmon bagels... mmm.

July 2017

Why Anzac Parade is like Hogwarts Castle

I'm in the minority here, but I'm quite enjoying the chaos of the Light Rail construction in Sydney. Sure, it's horrible during peak hour, but when you drive along late at night, it's like navigating the Hogwarts staircases - you never know what configuration the lanes are going to be in. They can wind from one side of the road to the other, split from each other, or lead down all sorts of  barricaded detours.

It's part obstacle course, part computer game, and part Halloween party. There's the fluoro bunting, flashing lights, people in high-vis vests waving light baton's, and  thousands of witches hats that only come out after dark.

Sometimes it's so much fun that I'm tempted to loop around and do it again.

So far, I've resisted.

January 2018

​​The Made-for-Instagram Museum

The Trickeye Museum in Phuket Town is pretty much a temple to photo opportunities, but it's a lot of fun and actually pretty physically interactive. It was almost empty when we were there, which meant we didn't have to queue or wait for a turn to be photographed at any of the 3D illusions. Apparently there's other Trickeye Museums in Hong Kong, Seoul, and Singapore, and I'm sure there'll be more popping up all over the place. Anyway, here are a few pic's from our day in Instagramland.

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